The Chesters Brewing Family

The Chesters family have lived in Chester since at least 1509. We know this because we are Freemen of the City of Chester, and members of the Guild of Smiths, Cutlers and Plumbers. Our earliest ancestors are recorded as keeping their Whitesmiths premises on Watergate Street, Chester. We trace them back by a direct male lineage in the records of the Freemen assizes held at Chester record's office.

The shop on Watergate Street is still there but it's not been in the same family for many years now.

Chester Beer Company was founded by me, Neil Chesters, in 2020 during the Covid lockdowns as a social enterprise, and a route to coming home for good. To the city that I love. Chester.

We are selling through Chester's local independent beer and wine merchants and we will supply restaurants, pubs and bars that are allowed to stock our beers. Sadly, many are pubs are not allowed to because the owners of the property make an extra turn by tying all the beer sales through their own wholesale businesses to drive up prices for mass produced beer.

Our business is brewing delicious craft beer. It's made with hand-turned floor malted British grains, water, hops and nothing else. It tastes great for it, and when I overdo it - as those who know me know I do sometimes, my head stays clear in the morning. That's what I call Unadulterated Pleasure.

Eastgate Street Chester viewed from the Eastgate through the railings beneath the Eastgate Clock