Newgate Blonde

Newgate Blonde is a light citrus session IPA brewed to create a distinctive floral aroma. Chester Beer's brewers have selected base ingredients that are grown and produced in Britain by skilled people using traditional brewing techniques.

Newgate Blonde from the Chester Beer Co is brewed to be below 4% alcohol but our low intervention techniques and brewing skill have created a characteristic, refreshing beer. You will find it golden in colour, with a light haze caused by protein and yeast as you should expect in unfiltered live beer that has not been treated with chemicals. 


This blonde beer is lightly carbonated through the natural process of secondary fermentation which, as for all Chester beers, happens in the keg or can you get it in.

This technique takes time. Our latest batch (at the time of writing) has taken 10 weeks to complete conditioning in our cellar. The Chester Beer cellar is truly a cellar: It's underground and is not refrigerated but it sure is cold down there.

The light gold colour of Chester Beer's Newgate Blonde is due to the blend of Pale, Lager and Munich malts, and just a little wheat grain to give it a great head without the help of a beer engine and sparkler.

A six pack of Newgate Blonde from the Chester Beer Company. The cans have a dimple textured  to make the can grip better. This is created using layers of ink in the printing process

The wonderful floral aroma of Chester Beer Company's Newgate Blonde comes from a heavy dosing of Bobek hops sourced in the UK.

Bobek is a low alpha acid Styrian hop variety that imparts lemon, pine and herbal flavours through our using it at flameout. It pairs exceptionally well with Challenger, the bittering hop Chester Beer Co brewers selected after trialling several options. This hop pair creates a beer that punches well above it's weight on paper.

We would be glad to deliver it to your door free of charge if you live within ten miles of Chester. The minimum order is just six cans. You can order by clicking here.

A small group of bottle shops can ship it further afield for you for a fee. Check out our stockists