Northgate Bitter

Northgate Bitter from Chester Beer Co

Northgate Bitter is a balanced 4% ABV beer. Created from a blend of Maris Otter and three grades of crystal barley malt, this premium live British craft beer presents as a hazy medium colour and a rich caramel flavour.

The beer is conditioned in cask, keg, bottle or can. Each provides a refreshing light sparkle to the character of the drink. The mouthfeel is clean and smooth, and the sweetness is overtaken by the hop flavours. 

Northgate Bitter from Chester Beer finishes clean and strong with a subtle marmalade tartness which makes for pleasant drinking.

The bitterness of Northgate Bitter is provided by a good dosing of the high alpha acid Target hop variety in the copper. Chester Beer's brewers chose First Gold as the aroma hop. First Gold is one of only a handful of British hop varieties that are commercially available having been grown with organic accreditation. It brings flavours of oranges, marmalade, and spices to the beer. With liberal amounts added at flameout the hop flavours take over from the malts as you drink making for a clean, refreshing drink.

Chester Beer Co's brewers achieve the full flavours and the modern twist using our low intervention craft brewing methods. On tasting Northgate BItter and other Chester beers many people say they think it is stronger than the ABV on the label. Chester Beer achieve these full flavours and exquisite mouthfeel by what we do, and what we don't do.

What Chester Beer don't do: 

  • We don't add chemicals to force live yeasts out of our beer
  • We don't process our drinks through a beer centrifuge
  • We don't filter our beer at all
  • We don't pasteurise our beer

There are reasons that most commercial brewers do what they do. The chemicals they add aren't cheap. They're added for a variety of reasons. Mostly to make the product look a certain way, and to last longer if moved long distances and stored warm. But that's not good for us. Ask your head in the morning after the night before.

Chester Beer use low intervention craft brewing techniques and the highest quality grain and hops we can get. These are carefully selected and, along, with skilled balancing of mash temperatures and access to great kit we achieve delicious flavours in our beer.

Chester Beer is fresh beer. And because we are low intervention brewers our beers flavours are fuller. And because Chester Beer is truly fresh beer; a real living thing, you won't find it on the shelves at supermarkets.

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